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The heavenly sound of the harmonium, with the soft notes of sitar, the melodies of the flutes, the cardiac sound of the drums and the voices laden with tenderness, are an invitation to live the musical experience of Semente Cristal.

The presentations celebrate peace and love, qualities necessary to live in perfect harmony with all forms of life, generating a wave of bliss in everyone who opens up to experience uplifting music.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Crystal Seed was born in 2008, when Vânia and Adriano started on the path of Yoga mixing with the knowledge of shamanic practices, letters of devotion were born with messages that honor Planet Earth (Mother Gaia) and Cosmic Energy, saluting the male and female forces present in creation.

The group also broadcasts the Sincronário da Paz (system of distinct calendars and almanacs, used by the Mayan civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and by some modern Mayan communities in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico) through the very name Semente Cristal which is loaded with meaning and also letters inspired by the kins (days) of the time code.

We are a family owned and operated business.

“The Seed represents the miracle of life, the hope of renewing the purity of being, of the channeled essence that resides within our inner cosmos, where does this force that pulsates in our heart, the force that emanates from the supreme and radiates, as the sun that illuminates the darkness with all its fullness. WE ARE ALL SONS OF LIGHT! The Cristal tone invites you to accept this mission and manifest its qualities. The crystal leads you to be a brightness and to diffuse the LIGHT THAT LIVES IN YOUR INTERIOR. Work with LOVE, trust with LOVE, sing with LOVE, channel LOVE and be a Sower ”, explain Adriano Surya Prem Nath and Gyan Soorya Kaur about the Crystal Seed.

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